What is: "My 24-7 Retail & Thrift" all about and what do we do?

The creator of this website had a dream to build a worldwide website that is not only user friendly easy, but also build a
online retail and thrift store website that could sell everything anyone would want to purchase. By building a online shopping
mall of this sort would allow anyone to purchase anything without having to surf the web and have to travel to hundreds of
different websites searching for different items. As you will see our website offers categories in many different areas. It is
our goal to make your shopping experience so magnificent and easy, that you will never want to visit another website.

As you click on different pages within our website you will discover that we have set up affiliates accounts from many of the
worldwide Big Box Companies offering you the best prices we could find. Some of our affiliates include: Walmart, Home
Depot, Harbor Freight, 1-800-Flowers, Mattel, Sony Software, Sear Outlet, Time-Life, The Pet Shop, All Star Wine and the
list goes on. Our idea of shopping is being able to visit one website and have all these different retailers at one click of your
mouse. Some of our categories will have more than one retailer within the same category giving you choices of brands and
also pricing. You can search and make your own decision as to what you think is the best deal. You can also visit our FREE
Classified section and search for the same items, but they are 2ND Hand and could save you even more money.

When  you  click  on  other different categories you will be redirected to that page and when you click  on  for  example  
refrigerators,  you  would  be  purchasing  directly from like Home Depot or Walmart. When you purchase one these
products, you don't have to worry about buying online. You  will  actually be purchasing from these big box retailers
themselves. Your online purchases are safe and secure. Your information will be shared  with NO-ONE. Click on any of the
categories to the left to see what products each account has  for sale.

The commission payout you see next to each account name is for our signed up members. Our members get a portion of
our commissions helping them save more money on all their purchases. They can of course click on any category and shop
on our website for FREE. However, to take advantage of saving up to 40% off all your purchases, you must sign up to be a
member. And your membership is FREE.. This website is all about saving the buying public as much money as possible off
all their purchases. On all the accounts to the left
Our Customers Save anywhere form 1.5% to as high as 40% and at the
end of each month, they receive a rebate commission check in the mail from our company. We pay our customers to shop
on our website.
Welcome to 24/7 Thrift Store! We are open for business 365 days a year.  Hemet CA. (951) 282-4896
Why buy from the rest when they are closed half the time.... WHEN YOU CAN BUY FROM THE BEST 24/7!
One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure. Lets Find Your Pot of Gold!
My 24-7 Thrift & Retail * P.O. BOX 2703 * Hemet CA 92546 * 951-282-4896
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Hi, my name is Greg Novak. I am the owner of this website and I personally know Roxann and her "Hope Food
Organization". This is no doubt something very special and they can use your help in the form of Donations.