Welcome to 24/7 Thrift Store! We are open for business 365 days a year.
Why buy from the rest when they are closed half the time.... WHEN YOU CAN BUY FROM THE BEST 24/7!
You can own one of these 24/7 Thrift Store Websites and have your own exclusive territory in your City or Town. We only sell these websites to one
person in a fifty mile radius, so their is no competition. However, You can get sales from other people in other areas, that just might be surfing the
Internet. Your website will be fully optimized to your geographic area. When sellers want to post their products for sale, they will simple upload their
accept their money/payment and you will get paid your 10% within 24 hours of what yourcustomers/sellers selling day was. Every time someone
purchases something from your website, you will make 10% off their sales for doing virtually nothing. Let your online money machine work for you
while you get on with your life. The only work you really have to do is; count your profit at the end of the month. We pretty much do all the work for you.
When a new seller comes aboard he/she is told this Website is FREE for anyone to browse and look around, but the seller has to pay you Ten-Percent
of what they get to advertise their goods on our 24/7 Thrift Store. When a customer pays for something, they will be doing their purchase through
paypal. When the buyers payment is received, you will be notified and paid and the seller will also be notified and paid.

In order for us to maintain our network of 24/7 Thrift Store Websites, we have overhead costs like any other business. If you purchase one of our 24/7
Online Thrift Stores, your cost will be $599.00 UPFRONT and a monthly payment of $189.99 per month. This monthly payment covers our staff that has
to make sure all your images and product details are correct and make sure people are not posting scams or trying to defraud the public, also other
updates that may have to be done to your Online Thrift Store. Our customer service is 24/7, so their is no need for you to worry.

You don't even need to have your own inventory! The public is your inventory! They post what they have and is that  your inventory. Of course if you own
a brick and motor thrift store, this website will really work wonderful for you. Every 24/7 ONLINE THRIFT STORE WEBSITE will be optimized to it's own
geographic area, but you will still be linked to all the other 24/7 Online Thrift Store Websites Nationwide. The reciprocal linking between websites will
help everyone's ranking in the search engines. The sellers and buyers in your area will find you from the different search engines like; GOOGLE, MSN,
ASK, YAHOO, BING and all the rest of the search engines. Bottom line Folks; for a very little amount of money put out on your behalf, you could have a
huge income every month for the rest of your life. When is the last time you heard you could get into business for 600 bucks and 189.99 per month.
That's it, their is no other overhead! To red more how our system works,
click here for our Terms and Conditions.

For more info on having your own 24/7 Thrift Store, please fill out the form. Click Here to go to FORM. Or you can use the form just to contact us.
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Welcome to My 24-7 Thrift Store employment opps page. This is a commission paying job. You will earn 10% commission off our net profit off every thing that
sells off our website that is a result of your efforts. Your job duties would be to simply post links to other websites like Craig's list, other classified ads
nationwide or any website that could drive business our way. You can also post your links on facebook, myspace, twitter and other websites of this sort. The
whole world is your possible playing field for new customers, because our website sells everything under the sun. Right now we are uploading new product
into all the different categories. You will be paid on the 1st and 15th of ever month from sales that comes from your leads.

Their is no phone sales or face to face sales. You just post as many links every day as you can. Selling any kind of product is a numbers game. So the more
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The object here for you to make a great income just by getting the word out about our website and all the different products we sell. When your unique visitors
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It does not matter what city or state you live in, because we are nationwide and we are looking for people nationwide. We can also supply you will a email list
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This is a ground floor opportunity and for the right person/s this could be the chance of a life time and also possible advancement to a higher position with
our company. Any questions or comment you have, their is a comment box at the end of this employment form. We hope we can work with you. We are
looking to start people to work as of 11-20-2012