Q.) Are you asking yourself: WHY DO I NEED TO SHOP AT MY 247?

A.) By becoming a member to our website, you can make purchases from 1100 retail accounts and we are adding
new ones daily. All these accounts pay us a certain commission based on who the account is and what the account
has to offer. You will enjoy savings up to 40% off your purchases depending on what account it is.

For example: Famous Footwear pays us a commission of 15% off every sale from their website. As a result of
being one of our customers and being redirected to their website (Famous Footwear), you receive half of what we
receive. When the customer clicks on a certain pair of shoes and checks out and purchases the shoes, we are
notified of the sale. Let's say the shoes cost $75.00. Our commission off the deal was 15%. That meals we just
made: $11.25.

Not let say you are one of our customers and you want to make that same purchase from Famous Footwear. If you
were a registered MY 247 member and you just made that same purchase, you just saved yourself 7.5% on the
purchase price. Because when YOU are a Registered Member to our website and YOU Automatically receive half of
our commission on everything you purchase our website. That means if you were a registered member, you would
have saved $5.62 off that same pair of shoes.

That means on all of our 1100++ accounts and counting, WE PAY YOU TO SHOP ON OUR WEBSITE. No matter
what the commission is that is being paid out on whatever account, because YOU are a member to our website,
YOU Automatically earn half of our commission on every sale you make.

Let just say over the course of the next 60 days, during the holiday season, YOU Spend $1,000.00 on gifts and the
average commission you earn back to yourself is 10%. Just by being a "My 247 Cash Rewards Cards Member", you
would have saved yourself $100.00.

Let us just waltz you through the tulips with some more facts. You shop all the time for new clothing for you and
your family, you goes to the movies, you probable have a cell phone and a computer. Does your automobile break
down or just need service? Do you need insurance? How is your health, your teeth, your eyesight? Are you
interested in fitness? When is the last time you past on purchasing tools because of the cost? Do you have a
anniversary coming up? Are you into purchasing jewelry for yourself? How about the kids and the toys and arts and
crafts you purchase for them? How old is your appliances in your home? Folks we can go on and on with this list,
but will spare you all the time. The point we are trying to drive home here is: just by being a "My 247
Cash Rewards Card" Member, we can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year. All these saving will
add to a ton of money for the years to come, maybe even provide you that Princess Vacation, You have been
dreaming of all your life. Becoming a member is a must!
Sign up today and start saving.

Not only are we going to save you a great deal off money, we are going to email you a FREE Monthly newsletter
informing you of all coupons and upcoming sales.

Q.) What is it exactly do I have to do to earn money from the refer a friend program your company is offering? Their
is so many online scams that want you to send money and then their program doesn't even work!

A.) First off, we charge you nothing! If you are interested in working with us, this opportunity is absolutely FREE, it
cost you nothing. All you have to do is tell your family and friends about our website and how they can save money
on every product you can image. We have over 1,100 retail accounts that sell every thing. Once your referral signs
up as a new member and start making purchases, you start earning money back to you. Even if you do not want to
approach your family and friends with our opportunity, just send us their name and their current email address and
we will email them and explain the program for you. If they turn out to be buying new buying customer as a result of
your referring them to us, we will still pay you 1% on all items sold to that person/s you referred to our company.
Folks, it can't get no easier than that. Just send us their name and email address and we will handle it from their.
Look at it this way. If you do want to approach your family and friends and lets for example you 500 friends on your
facebook page, just send us their name and email address and we well email them all. Even if you only get 20 new
buying customers from your 500 friends, you are still going to earn 1% income off ll the items sold to those 20

Where else on earth can you earn a income like this for doing hardly nothing. More money is lost because people
just don't take that first step and do what is necessary in the beginning to get it going. What we are talking about is:
you can be lazy and do nothing or you could just take a little of your time and search for your friends names and
email addresses and send them to us and we will do the rest of the work for you.

Q.) Are their any fees to open my new My 247 Cash Rewards Membership?

A.) There is absolutely no cost to becoming a member. All you have to do is simply fill out the form provided for a
username and password, with your address, city, state, zip, SS number and phone number and you become a
FREE member and can start shopping right away.

Q.) Is this another MLM program?

A.) NO. You only refer new buying customers to us and you only earn 1% Cash Back Rewards from your referrals.
That's it, nothing more. However, just think over time if you ended up having 100, 200, 500 or 1000 people buying
from us as a result of you referring new buying customers to our company, you could be sitting on a hefty check
every month!

Q.) Why do I have to give your company my Social Security number?

A.) Because after shopping on our website and you see how well it works and how much money you can save, you
will most likely tell your family and friends about our website, to refer them. When you refer a family member or
friend and they become MY 247 customers and start purchasing items, you earn 1% off their net profit off all their
sales. This would be considered a income and at the end of each year, we will have to send you a 1099 form to
claim the income with the IRS.

Q.) Could this be considered a work from home opportunity?

A.) Yes. Because you are taking the time to refer other people to our website to purchase items from our accounts.
In return we are going to compensate you for taking the time to refer other people to our website. You will earn a
1% income off everyone you refer to our website.

Lets just say for example you referred 100 new customers to our website. Now lets say those hundred people
purchase $50.00 worth of goods from our accounts. Now lets say the average commission on all those sale was
10%. Take 100 customers and multiply by a average sale of $50.00 and then multiply it by 10%. You would be
getting a check for $50.00.

Just think of the potential here. If you were looking for a way to work from home and pick up a extra income, this
would be perfect for you. If you just took two hours each day and spread the word about our website and if you only
picked up 10 new customers per week, you could have hundreds and hundreds of new customers buying from us
over the next year. Nothing in this life comes easy or is for free. If you really want to succeed at something and earn
a great income, you must put in the hours to make it pay out. However, here is a way, you can work from home,
spread the word about our website and when your people start making purchases, you start making money every
time they buy. It cost you nothing but a little of your time telling other people what we have.

Q.) Does your company provide any kind of advertising that I can use to advertise your MY 247 Cash Rewards

A.) Yes. But we do not send those advertisements out to just anyone because it could be a tremendous waste of
our time. We are not trying to sound harsh or callous, but a lot of people have the best intentions in mind, but when
it really comes down to doing the work that is needed to find new customers, they will get all the ad's we send them,
but they never follow through and all of our work to that point has just been a waste of time.

So what we did was put together a incentive program. After one of our MY 247 Agents have secured their first 10
referrals, then we will put them on our MY 247 top performers list and start sending them weekly ad's from our
accounts telling them of upcoming sales and price cuts on products and coupons. These ad's will be emailed to you
and all you have to do is copy and paste them into your facebook, myspace, twitter pages, or email them out to
everyone you know.

Q.) Does your company supply email lists that I can work from and email thousands of people at a time to get the
word out?

A.) We do have "double opt in email leads". These are email addresses of people who have asked to be emailed
about special deals, sales, great prices and other advertisements. These are not free, they cost us a pretty good
sum, because we only want email addresses of real people who are really seeking deals on different products. If
you are interested in purchasing these types of email address leads from us, the cost would be as follows:

  • 500 email addresses, $50.00
  • 1000 email addresses, $90.00
  • 2500 email addresses, $200.00
  • 5000 email addresses, $400.00
  • 10,000 email addresses, $650.00

Q.) How often do I get my MY 247 Cash Rewards from purchases I make from your website?

A.) All of our accounts pay us according to their own deal. Some accounts might pay us in just a couple of weeks,
some pay in 30 days and some pay as long as 90 days out. This is only because of the products they sell and their
may be a return schedule involved with the retailer. So we are at the mercy of each account as to when they pay.

After we do get paid for a particular item and say it is one of the items you purchased through our website, you will
be cut a check within 48 hours of us getting paid. Then from then on it will be like clock work, every time you
purchase something, you will receive your Cash Rewards Rebate Check in the mail anywheres from two weeks to
as long as 90 days. Again folks, this is not our company trying to stall paying you your Cash Rewards on time. We
have to wait to get paid ourselves on everything sold. Large retailers have return policies that we have to abide by.

Q.) If I refer family and friends to your website and start making purchases, does the same pay back schedule apply
to me as well?

A.) Yes. We really appreciate you referring new customers to our website, but unfortunately, our hands our tied as
to when we get paid. So everyone including ourselves have to wait until our accounts pay us. However, look at it
this way. You know when you referred someone to our website and you will be talking to your friends and they will
tell you they have made purchases, so you know in some point in time, your MY 247 Cash Rewards Checks will
start coming back to you for all your hard work. Once your checks start rolling in, then you can start counting on
them on from their on out.

One thing is for sure folks, yes this is s great opportunity to work from home and earn a great income, but we do
not want to mis lead anyone and have them believe they are going to get rich overnight or anything like that. This is
a great opportunity and yes if you work at it, you will see some great income. If you work at anything, you will enjoy
the fruits of your labor. But once again, nothing comes for free. You have to put in the time to see the results.

It is a numbers game. The more people you spread the word to, the more people that will start signing up to our MY
247 Cash Rewards Program because of you. Remember folks, we are letting you in on this opportunity for FREE.
We are not charging any fees to refer your family and friends and when they purchases products form our website
you earn money for life from those referral's.

We are looking for serious minded people that would like to do this opportunity from their home and consider
treating it like a regular job. The only way we can find the right caliber of people to work with us is: we must have a
great product and great customer service and also have something that you are going to make money at. We want
your business for life. That is why we are being so open with how it all works, we do not want to shoot you off the to
the moon and miss lead you in anyway.

Q.) How do I know what each account pays in Cash Rewards?

A.) No matter where you go on our website, next to the name of account you want to purchase from, it will tell you
how much the Cash Rewards percentage is.

Q.) Where is your company located?

A.) Hemet CA

Q.) If I became a agent for your MY 247 Cash Rewards Program, could I secure a certain geographic area?

A.) Yes you could, but because geographic areas could be so vast in size, we would have to put some certain
criteria on your area. What we mean is, lets say you wanted the entire New England area, you would have to give
us a minimum of 150 new buying customers per month. Their are millions of potential new customers in this area
and to just let one person have this whole geographic and only produce one or two new customers per month
would not be worthwhile for our company. However if you are really into marketing and know how to spread the
word, we would more than delighted to speak with you.
Email us with your thoughts.

Q.) Would their be minimum of purchases for me if I wanted a certain geographic area?

A.) No. However, their would be a minimum of new buying customers you would have to send our way to keep that
geographic area.

Q.) What happens when a customer purchases a item and then returns it for a refund?

A.) When a customer purchases something from one of our accounts and they choose to return it and get a refund,
no one gets paid nothing including our company. The only time we all get paid is when a customer purchases a
certain item and they keep it. Our accounts do not pay us on returned items and that is why their is a return period
on our accounts.

Welcome to our FAQ Page